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Method of measurement:

          ECO-Sensing COD-EC500 Analyzer is a chemical oxygen demand (COD) sensor employing a stopped-flow thin layer electrochemical cell. The coulometric charge required for exhaustive electrolysis of samples was measured and correlated with the COD evaluated by the standard COD laboratory method. A single measurement took about 15 minutes, much less than the two hours required in the conventional method. linear sweep voltammetry was performed using both real samples and standard compounds.


Measurement Diagram


Hot Other Application:

BOD/COD-EC Analyzer is designed for increase option to use in water treatment operation system. Product highlight are that in can be correlated with industrial water flexible to use and low cost. Finally, this analyzer can support project of Ministry of Industry "Online Pollution Monitoring System, OPMS" for monitoring water quality of Factories in real time.


pdf Download Brochure COD-EC500
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